True Detoxification

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The concept of detoxification has been a hot one for many years, and so has the controversy. Our body indeed has mechanisms for managing toxicants, which include storing them to prevent overloading the liver. These toxicants can be released through a variety of methods. If you’re attempting to do so purposely, it’s important to know how to protect your liver by preparing it to process these toxins as they leave the body. BodyPro Wellness Center can help you rid your body of toxins safely and effectively.

Detoxification And How The Body Manages Toxicants

Let’s start by defining what a toxicant actually is. Toxins are those substances produced within or by bacteria, animals, and plants naturally. Toxicants are man-made substances that are synthetic and toxic to the human body. While not all chemicals are toxic (water is, by definition, a chemical after all), manufactured ones are a common culprit in body toxicity.

Your liver is the primary actor in managing toxins in your body. Medications, chemicals, and alcohol are some examples of the substances it eliminates from your system to prevent the build-up of toxins in the blood. When these toxins enter the liver, it works to convert them to harmless substances or releases them from the system through the kidneys. Whatever the liver is unable to process, is allowed to be stored in your body fat and other tissues.

The liver is an amazing organ, it’s true, but even it has its limits. This is part of why your body will store excess toxicants in substances such as fat and other areas. When we start working on detoxifying the body, we planfully release these stored toxins from our tissues (where they were being stored in order to protect our blood and our liver from overload) into the bloodstream in a systematic manner. So how do we prepare the liver to handle this uptick in toxicants?

There are a few steps you can take, including:

  • Ensure you’re staying well-hydrated
  • Consider adding taurine, chlorella, organic greens, antioxidants, milk thistle, dandelion root and more to your diet to aid liver function.
  • Seek consultation on important nutrients and supplements

In addition to chemicals, one other toxicant that can build up in our bodies is heavy metals, such as lead. The process of removing these metals from the body is known as chelation. Chelation agents are substances used during chelation to bind to these metals and remove them from the body. Hemoglobin, the metalloprotein responsible for carrying oxygen through our bloodstream, is one of our body’s natural chelating agents. In instances of high exposure, stronger substances may be employed to help cleanse this metal from your system.

Regarding Sweating Toxins Out Of The Body

Studies have shown that the idea that we can sweat toxins out of our bodies is a myth. In fact, one common response our body has to excessive perspiration is retaining water in the kidneys. Attempting to detox our body through the use of heat and sweat can actually result in our bodies holding on to the toxins in our system.

Come See Us For Healthy, Effective Detoxification

If you’re considering attempting detoxification, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tony Ganem, DC, in Newport Beach, CA. The team at BodyPro Wellness Center will do a full health assessment to determine if detoxification is right for you.