Our Office

Welcoming All New Patients

Our friendly, compassionate and competent staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. We strive to provide our patients with a clean, comfortable, nurturing, and inviting environment so that they feel safe and confident in sharing elements of their personal lives.

Convenient and Accessible

You’ll also find our office to be equipped with amenities designed to make your experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Every detail has been designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Why Choose Us?


Our office is conveniently located and accessible via all major roads. Dr. Tony and his staff take great pride in offering exceptional services.

Concierge Service

Cost-effective services to meet your needs. Make the most of your appointment with one on one personalized care. Click here to learn how our membership plans can help you.

Telehealth Appointments

We understand there are days you cannot make it into the office. Dr. Tony will work with you to provide convenient telehealth appointments from the comfort of your own home.

Patient Portal

Enjoy the benefits of our Patient Portal. From online forms and scheduling appointments, you can spend more time out of the office when utilizing our Patient Portal.