Corporate Wellness Program

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The concept of corporate wellness is not a new one, but it’s seeing something of a revolution. While providing medical care is a great way to attract and keep employees, it doesn’t intrinsically do much to reduce actual sick days and improve performance. Proactive care is the answer! Corporate Wellness programs hinge on the idea that a healthy workforce is an effective workforce. BodyPro Wellness Center partners with businesses in our area to develop programs to promote healthy lifestyles in their staff.

Healthcare and Corporate Wellness Programs

When we talk about healthcare, are we really using the term appropriately? The primary focus of most “healthcare” appears to be on treating the disease or condition. If we come from the perspective that “health” is the opposite of “disease,” then it seems that healthcare should focus on maintaining health rather than only fighting disease. The purpose of an integrated corporate wellness program is to promote this approach to the health of your employees. Some approaches to this include:

  • Nutrition For Health – Promoting individualized, healthy diets to those withinin your workplace can involve numerous steps. Incentivize attending health education programs provided by the workplace, change what’s available in the vending machines and in-house kitchens, and swap out pizza days for salad bars.
  • Nutrition For Performance – Educate your staff on the right choices for a high-performance diet. Performance can be impacted by proper hydration, getting the right vitamins and minerals, avoiding unrefined carbohydrates, etc.
  • Stress Management – Improved wellness isn’t all about diet and weight; it’s a holistic approach to our physical and mental health. Managing our stress is an important part of improving our overall health and wellness, so provide opportunities to do so. This can include on-staff counselors, additional sick days, and manageable workloads.
  • Virtual and In-Office Consulting – BodyPro Wellness Center is here to help you develop these programs and maintain them. We can also help your staff by providing one-on-one counseling to improve their health and lifestyle.
  • Exercise Design – As part of the above service, we can help in the design of exercise programs for the individual or for business-wide use. Many large corporations start their day with an exercise routine to get the blood flowing and the body awake. Staying active helps prevent fatigue and soreness, which can both contribute to your employee’s performance.

These are just some of the ways that our team at BodyPro Wellness Center can help you develop a corporate wellness program. Studies show that a healthy and happy workforce experiences fewer call-outs and sick days, reduced employee churn, and improved performance. These are things every business can benefit from.

Corporate Wellness Programs with BodyPro Wellness Center

Call our office in Newport Beach, CA, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tony Ganem,Dc and his team today. During your consultation, the concerns facing your business will be assessed. Afterward, you’ll be presented with an outline on how best to implement a corporate wellness program that suits your company’s needs. Together we’ll work to implement this program and help you experience the benefits of boosted health and wellness in the workplace.