Natural Health

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When people think of being healthy, it’s easy to think about joggers in the park, eating acai berry bowls, and other health industry trends. In medical offices, diet and exercise are some of the most commonly recommended treatment options to become and remain healthy. They are highly recommended to people today due to the vast disparity of such activities within high-obesity countries like the U.S. But at BodyPro Wellness Center, we focus on bringing those idealized images of health down to the common level through natural health remedies. What do we mean by natural health? In our practice, we look at all aspects of your lifestyle to not only treat disease but improve the longevity of your life through practical means. 

What We Mean By Natural Health: Being Healthy vs. Treating Disease

The medical industry is full of knowledgeable physicians that work hard each day to tackle the diseases that affect people’s lives. But criticisms of the medical industry often look at the poor examples of medical care. They focus on the modes of care that physicians use to assess the risk of disease before or during its development. These criticisms also often center around the concept of treating the disease rather than the person. This resorts to prescription medications and short-sighted recommendations of diet and exercise to correct the issue temporarily. 

We look at lab results from the perspective of “how optimal are things” vs. “is there a disease?” These lab results provide assessments that have to work within reference ranges to assess the risk of disease. These ranges don’t allow physicians to become proactive with their patient’s healthcare. They can often lead to the eventual development of the disease or disorder. 

Receiving care from our practice tackles these problems at hand and provides a holistic solution that’s integrative and well-rounded. Being healthy vs. treating disease means tackling poor health on all sides – this includes actions such as:

  • Looking at a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Understanding Your CBC
  • Ordering Supplements Through Our Fullscript Dispensary
  • Providing Homeopathic Remedies to Disease
  • Offering Naturopathic Remedies For Disease
  • Looking Beyond A Diagnosis and Symptoms

At BodyPro Wellness Center, we refer to natural health through functional ranges instead of standard ranges. By operating in this mode, we can take better action towards the potential onset of a disease. We then use holistic approaches to treat you completely, giving you tools and treatments that make you feel whole and holistically complete. 

Health Coaching Through BodyPro Wellness Center

Our practice makes natural health possible by working to find the root cause of the issue and treating the whole body instead of the symptoms. This includes teaching people about what antioxidants are, the role of food in health, using diet prescriptions, and more. Our practice uses an integrative approach to functional medicine. Through our consultants and nutritionists, we can help you be healthy and see the benefits that our form of medicine has to offer. If you want nutrition advice or want to learn more about naturopathic remedies contact us. Your journey towards natural health starts by scheduling an appointment with us today.