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"Went to the Thyroid Seminar last Monday & came back for the Weight loss seminar yesterday. The information was overwhelming in a great way. I recognized all the symptoms that I have from all the information you provided and am sad that my dr. has not. I finally feel like there is HOPE."
Sarah O.
"A doctor with character, compassion & connection with and for his patients! Knowledgeable and loves to educate his patients on how to see their health in a different way! He has a naturally balanced approach to supporting your health. I have been on his program for 6 months and my energy, brain & life have returned from exhaustion & fatigue to breathing again! Can’t say enough positives about his work & his staff! Personal professional care!"
Kerstin P.
"I've worked with Body Pro Wellness since 2017, and it's been the single most helpful thing in my health journey thus far. Dr. Tony Ganem is a wealth of knowledge and insight, and I appreciate his holistic approach to healthcare. In addition, he and his assistant Tia are always warm, kind, and helpful. Some health care providers make you feel like just a number, but Dr. Tony and Tia will make you feel like family."
Alli C.
"Persistent back pain was starting to degrade my active lifestyle. The first visit to Dr. Tony gave me substantial pain relief. He went on to diagnose the cause using x-rays and developed a treatment plan. He explained everything clearly. It’s obvious he cares about his patients."
Jeff H.
"I have been a client of Dr. Tony and his staff for six months now and am very happy with my experience. They are all like family now. My body is getting much better. What more could one ask? Dr. Tony has demonstrated exceptional insight into my particular problems. And to know that he relies on the Holy Spirit to guide him gives me peace and confidence to follow his guidance. Thank you, Dr. Tony and staff!"
Linda R.
"Dr. Tony was great, explaining all our test results to us & explaining to us what we can do to correct the damage & how to make our bodies healthy."
Irene K.
"Everything as promised. Wonderful staff. My health, stamina, and weight recovered to levels of 10-15 years ago! Thanks, Body Pro"
Louie A.
"It has been a blessing under the guidance of Dr. Ganem. My overall health has improved. Some problems not diagnosed by my primary doctor were identified and fixed under the diet and supplement program. Now I have a better knowledge of my body and what food is good for me. Moreover, from this program, I have developed a good habit of eating healthy and being conscious of avoiding food that my body is sensitive to. Their staff is very friendly and Shelly is always very patient in sharing knowledge with me. I felt truly blessed and I believed God is healing me through their wisdom and knowledge. Keep up the good works, honoring God in truth and spirit. God bless!"
Tracy W.
"Friendly and knowledgeable staff! The Lipo Laser treatment works great!! Thanks so much!"
"Their office is clean and staff is courteous and professional. I was welcomed pretty much immediately upon arrival and didn't have to wait past my appointment time."
"BodyPro Wellness Center is a fantastic facility that offers great services with a caring staff. I definitely recommend them!!"
"I cannot say enough about the great care I and my family have received from Dr. Tony Ganem. I was diagnosed in July 2020 with ALS and Dr. Tony set up testing, detox, supplements, and a diet plan. He even consulted other doctors regarding my care. He has been there for me as well as his assistant Tia-both have made me feel like I’m important to them in my healing journey. I wish I had come across BodyPros years ago to maximize my health in this toxin-filled environment so I could’ve possibly avoided an ALS diagnosis. I’m making my body as healthy as possible to allow it to heal and I am so thankful for finding Dr Tony!!"
Carol C.
"This was the best decision my wife and I made. She has lost a whopping 40 pounds just learning how to eat healthy and I am also feeling better than I ever have! Thank you Dr. Tony and staff for your patience and time!"
Alex B.
"Going through the Body Pro Program changed my life! I have always struggled with weight and making healthy food choices, but after working with Dr. Tony and his team, I lost 40 lbs and learned how to eat right and I feel 100% better!"
Kelly S.