Functional & Holistic Medicine

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant

Dr. Tony Ganem, DC, chose the path of an alternative medicine practitioner because of his desire to treat the body holistically, as well as from a functional perspective as opposed to only focusing on treating conditions and diseases. It just makes more sense!

Holistic medicine focuses on the whole human being – not simply on fixing a blood marker. This is why at BodyPro Wellness Center, Dr. Tony does a comprehensive lab on all his patients to fully understand each person’s adaptive physiology with a focus on maximizing function (not just removing a disease label) as naturally as possible.

Speaking of function, that’s what functional medicine is all about. The goal is to maximize how your body functions! A well-functioning body by definition is not diseased. If health and disease are opposites, then the treating of health and disease should be opposite as well. We focus on empowering the health of every individual who comes our way. In the process, people overcome a lot of disease labels, but more importantly, they begin to function to their highest level.

We serve hundreds of people per year. Let us help you attain your health and wellness goals through our functional medicine and holistic medicine approaches.