Pre/Post-natal Nutrition

pregnant woman eating

Getting proper nutrition and eating for two is vital for both mother and baby. Due to the extra demands the baby has on the mother’s body, it’s necessary to eat healthily and get the right amount of nutrients. We’re here to help eventual mothers who are trying to determine the types of nutrients they would need. Our practice can help guide you towards better nutritional health by recommending the right amount of nutrients through lab testing and our diet plans. 

What Eating For Two Really Means For Mothers

Pregnancy often increases the body’s need for calories (energy) and nutrition, but when it comes to managing the demands of your soon-to-be-born baby, the quality of the foods and levels of nutrients and calories need to be multiplied. The idea of testing nutrients to see how effective they are at providing nutrition often goes unnoticed among many mothers trying to protect their health. Expecting mothers trying to manage their diets often have to work with prenatal vitamins to gain the most out of their diets. Most prenatal vitamins contain synthetic forms of nutrients which the body was not designed to utilize. At BodyPro Wellness Center, our doctors offer numerous nutritional plans to help you during your pregnancy. We work to recommend nutrients based on our knowledge and experience, including: 

Folate: Folate is a natural form of vitamin B9, often found in many foods, and helps assist in red blood cell formation. Folate is often recommended in higher doses for pregnant women due to the demands of the baby on the body, as it helps assist in the development process. Folic acid is a synthetic form of Folate which may actually deplete natural folate levels in the blood.  Our doctors will recommend the best forms of folate and appropriate dosages through our care based on your lab work, genetics, current health and stage of pregnancy. 

DHA: DHA is a type of omega-3 fat that can be consumed from foods or supplements and helps prevent chronic diseases. These diseases include depression, chronic inflammation, heart disease, and even certain cancer. For pregnant women, DHA helps assist in the baby’s brain and eye development and is especially important during the first trimester. 

Prenatal Vitamins: Prenatal vitamins are often one of the most recommended sources of nutritional supplements. It is also especially important to know what types of prenatal vitamins work for you and how much you need. Sadly, oftentimes, women are given synthetic vitamin mixtures without knowing it.  For example, oftentimes, women are given folic acid in a vitamin mixture, and are not aware that it is a synthetic form of what they actually need – folate.  Many of these mixtures of cyanocobalamin – a cyanide based vitamin B12 – and they are unaware that it is in their prenatal mixture.  At our clinic, we can test for any signs of nutritional deficiencies and help recommend the best prenatal supplements for you. 

Antioxidants: Antioxidants help slow down damage to the cells and help prevent molecular damage caused by free radicals. Some studies have shown that consuming antioxidants can help protect the placental membranes from damage and thus improve birth outcomes. At our practice, our physicians can recommend the right amount of antioxidants for a healthier pregnancy outcome!

How We Help You With Eating For Two 

For us, eating for two should primarily be obtained, nutritionally. Through our holistic treatments options, our physicians at BodyPro Wellness Center work to maximize your health by providing you with tailored recommendations based on your current health. They also consider your trimester stage, and date of expectancy to optimize their services and offerings for you. For more information about how we work for your nutrition and health, contact us today to schedule your first appointment!