Pain management can often be a lifelong journey, and finding the right resources to diagnose and relieve that pain can be extremely challenging. At BodyPro Wellness Center, our focus is on pain management for conditions such as autoimmune diseases, kidney stones, gout, headaches, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and other chronic sources of pain. This means that we take special care in helping alleviate that pain through numerous treatment options. For us, finding the cause or trigger for your pain is what matters most.

How We Work To Provide Better Pain Relief

Chronic pain can result from any chronic health condition that affects your overall well being. Depending on the type of chronic condition you face, your pain management options will differ. They will be based on your overall health, the pain you experience, and available options. 

At BodyPro Wellness Center, we work to help make adjustments to your current pain management plan based on your condition, health, and current treatments. A small overview of the types of chronic pain conditions we treat include: 

  • Lab Testing: Oftentimes, people are left with a condition name and a medication to treat the associated symptoms because the healthcare system isn’t always focused on finding it’s cause due to the potential added expense of testing.  We feel that finding the cause of your condition is the one extra step that most people need – and so we offer deep lab testing and analysis from a functional medicine perspective, along with diagnostics such as MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound and more. 

  • Bulging Discs: Also known as herniated discs, bulging discs often irritate the nerve roots throughout the spine. This can cause extensive amounts of pain along the spinal cord and muscles. Bulging discs are usually the result of injury, but oftentimes they are the result of abnormal biomechanics of the spine.  A trained eye can notice these things on a simple x-ray, for example.  Alternative treatments we can provide for these cases include chiropractic, acupressure, physical therapy,  and massage therapy to alleviate the pain induced by the bulging discs.

  • Low Back Pain: Lower back pain, whether resulting from affected discs or other conditions, can be effectively managed through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care means treating the spine and other joints through manual therapy methods to restore normal movements in the joints. This can include hands-on spinal manipulation and other forms of adjustment. 

  • Kidney Stones: Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals such as calcium and acids such as oxalic acid inside the kidneys. They are often extremely painful deposits that can cause chronic pain if it recurs often enough. While traditional methods for removing kidney stones can often work, people who have chronic kidney stones can also seek out alternative treatment methods. These include changes in diet and lifestyle choices, to reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. 

  • Gout: Gout is often caused by a collection of uric acid throughout the joints. This accumulation leads to reactive arthritis that causes severe joint pain and swelling. It tends to mostly occur in the toes and ankle joints, but it can occur in any joint of the body. As one of the arthritis types, alternative treatments for gout can include nutritional modifications and or supplements that can help reduce its symptoms. Finding your root cause is the key.

  • Headaches: Constant, throbbing pain throughout the head can become chronic if not diagnosed properly. Finding the trigger for your headaches can help us make adjustments to your pain management plan. This information allows us to recommend treatments such as acupressure and nutritional guidance for better pain relief. 

  • Arthritis Types: Joint pain throughout the knees, ankles, wrists, and elbows can often result from conditions such as arthritis. Arthritis types, specifically reactive arthritis, tend to lead to permanent cases of pain that limit mobility, range of motion, and muscle strength. Treatment options we can potentially recommend can range from nutritional supplements, orthotics, to exercise programs to help manage your joint pain more effectively. 

  • Unique Treatments: Although we feel that finding the cause or trigger of your pain is the primary concern, oftentimes taming the body’s own immune response to the issue might be necessary.  We often use nutritional protocols and regenerative medicine techniques such as stem cell therapy and prp to gain leverage on your painful condition.

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Your pain relief will depend highly on the conditions you face, and by finding the trigger for your pain, our doctors can make adjustments in your healthcare and give you comprehensive treatment modes to follow. To learn more, schedule a doctor’s appointment with our wellness center today!