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One of the most common problems in men’s health is the tendency for men to avoid seeking medical help, especially when health problems can involve sexual health. When unusual symptoms occur, men often ignore them and try to ‘tough it out. This is one of the many factors that may explain why women tend to live longer than men do on average. We encourage male patients at BodyPro Wellness Center to make a practice receiving yearly check-ups and presenting any unusual symptoms they’re experiencing. 

Caring For Male Health Problems at BodyPro Wellness Center

There are many health problems that are unique to male patients, and one of them is concerns with low testosterone. Low testosterone can result in symptoms that are upsetting to many men. Many men will express concern over the ability to have or quality erections or express concerns over sexual performance.  Many men also would like to understand why their testosterone medication doesn’t seem to work like it once did, and to get to the root of their low T. 

Some symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Low Semen Volume – A lack of testosterone can result in low production of semen. While sperm count can be normal, the carrier fluid may appear in reduced amounts during ejaculation.
  • Hair Loss – Losing their hair can be a troublesome experience for many men. While hair loss can be a normal part of aging, low T can aggravate the concern.  Ironically, high Testosterone in the form of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) can also be the cause.  It’s important to check this hormone if you are losing hair.
  • Fatigue – Low Testosterone can also be responsible for persisting and chronic fatigue. This can make it difficult to gain the motivation to exercise.
  • Focusing – Low Testosterone can affect the frontal lobe of the brain which results in a difficulty staying on task leading men to talk about their “brain fog”.
  • Muscle Mass Loss – Testosterone is an important part of building muscle mass. When levels are below normal, it can be difficult to build this muscle mass.
  • High Body Fat – Another serious concern that men with low testosterone face is high levels of body fat. This is believed to be the result of an estrogen/testosterone imbalance.
  • Blood Sugar Problems – Oftentimes, blood sugar problems are a cause and not the effect of low Testosterone, but it tends to be a common finding.

Another serious concern faced by middle aged and older men is the health of their prostate. This walnut-shaped gland is found in front of the rectum and just below the bladder. Part of it also wraps around the urethra. When issues with the prostate occur, there are often accompanying issues with sexual function and urination.  

There are three conditions that commonly affect the prostate:

  • Prostatitis – This is inflammation or infection of the prostate
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) happens when the prostate gland enlarges often secondary to hormone changes.
  • Prostate Cancer – When cancerous cells begin to grow in the prostate. This can be a serious health risk as it’s common for cancer to escape the gland and infect other areas of the body.

These are among the most frequent conditions that affect men. While they can strike at any time regardless of age, they do become more common as men progress in age.

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