There’s an awful lot of talk today about inflammation and its impact on our health. Inflammation is our body’s attempt, produced by the immune system, to protect us from viruses, bacteria, and other external invaders by sending white blood cells. It’s also produced by the body in an effort to help us tear down old tissues that need repair and then to rebuild tissues.  Unfortunately, our body sometimes attempts to attack invaders that our immune system might not have had the tools to overwhelm, naturally. Some diseases, such as reactive arthritis, can trigger inflammation in spite of there being no visible or tested cause for it. BodyPro Wellness Center helps patients understand and manage inflammation in cases like these by way of doing a thorough history and deep lab testing.  If you suffer from reactive pain in the body, it’s important you find what the body is reacting to!

Understanding Inflammation and How To Resolve It

As mentioned before, inflammation occurs when our white blood cells release chemicals in defense of our body. The chemicals released increase blood flow to the area, leading to redness, swelling, and warmth. This increased flow of blood helps more defenses arrive and vital nutrients for healing damage caused in the area. While this is an essential part of our immune defense, it can have detrimental side effects over time.

Three prominent chemicals released during this process include:

  • Histamines – These nitrogen-based organic compounds regulate function in the gut and serve as a neurotransmitter for various organs. They are also involved in local immune response by diverting white blood cells to the scene of the crime.
  • Bradykinins – These peptides specifically serve in promoting inflammation by causing small arteries in the area to dilate. They do this by releasing nitric oxide, prostacyclin, and other substances.
  • Prostaglandins – These lipids play an important part in helping deal with illness and injury. Like Bradykinin, they promote inflammation, blood clot formation, and blood flow. They are also involved with inducing labor.
  • Resolvins – These are chemicals produced by the body which resolve the immune response, helping the body tame inflammation once and for all.

Resolvins are made from omega-3 fatty acids and play a role in restoring the normal function of cells after a period of inflammation. EPA and DHA are both known as resolving agents and are anti-inflammatory in nature. They are also capable of resolving inflammation by entering the cell membranes, with larger amounts influencing additional resolvin production.

It is possible to test for the triggers that cause non-injury-related inflammation to occur. There are numerous potential culprits, including sensitivities to foods, infections in open spaces in the body (like the sinuses, the gut, the bladder)  and chemicals. When exposed to the triggering substance, symptoms such as gastrointestinal distress, migraines, fatigue, and aching joints may occur. This is especially common in cases where the immune system is chronically activated. 

Testing for these triggers can give some degree of control over the frequency with which bouts of chronic inflammation occur. Once identified, it’s possible to make informed lifestyle changes, including diet, to prevent the future onset of inflammation.  Stem cell therapy is often used to tame the immune system as well.

Fighting Inflammation With BodyPro Wellness Center

When you come to see the experts at BodyPro Wellness Center in Newport Beach, CA, you’re taking the first step in fighting chronic inflammation. While inflammation is an important and necessary part of our body’s immune system, it’s important to address it when it becomes chronic or unresolved. Call our offices today, and we’ll schedule a consultation with Dr. Tony Ganem and our team. During your visit, you’ll be given a full assessment, including discussions of your symptoms and your history with them. Throughout this assessment, Dr. Ganem, DC will be developing a treatment plan to address your symptoms and help you find relief. Start your journey to relieving chronic inflammation with our team today!