Corporate Wellness Program

At BodyPro Wellness Center, we are dedicated to helping you develop a Corporate Wellness Program to help your employees achieve a dynamic state of health. As the premier Wellness Center in Orange County California, we take a holistic approach to health, where all elements of the individual are considered:

  • Physical
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

Our Wellness Goals for Your Employees

Our Primary Wellness Goals for Your Employees are centered around three main principles:
  1. Achieving a Dynamic State of Health
  2. Realizing One’s Physical and Mental Potential, Achieved Through
    1. Positive Attitudes
    2. Fitness Training
    3. Diet Low in Fat and High in Fiber
    4. Avoidance of Unhealthy Practices
      1. Smoking
      2. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
      3. Overeating
  3. Progressing Towards a Higher Level of Functioning
    1. Establishing a Balance Between Internal and External Environments
We strive to provide your employees with a clean, comfortable, nurturing, and inviting environment so that they feel safe and confident in sharing elements of their personal lives.

Our Program

We offer a Corporate and Executive Wellness Program that features the following:
  • Customized Program to Suit the Needs of Your Employees
    • Speaking on Various Health Related Topics
    • Instituting Health Assessment Questionnaires
    • Conducting Comprehensive Biomarker Testing
    • Consulting with Employees
    • Offering Programs Promoting Health and Wellness
      • Exercise Classes
      • Diet Monitoring
      • Chair Massage
      • Video Messages
      • Podcasts
    • Interacting with Wellness Staff Via an Online Portal

Your Path to Wellness

As your employees work with our Wellness Team in assessing their health status, we may conduct a variety of diagnostic tests (including digital x-rays), and/or provide consulting services to help pinpoint their health issues. Here is a list of testing we may perform to help  identify your employees’ issues: 

  • Autoimmune Disease
    • Inflammatory Marker
    • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Digestive Health
    • Advanced Celiac
    • Micronutrient
    • Inflammatory Marker
    • Gluten Cross-Reactivity
    • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Gene Mutation Evaluation
    • Genetic Testing to Diagnose and Determine Cause of Disease
  • Health Consulting
    • Gluten-Free Diets
    • Wellness
    • Exercise
    • Lifestyle Changes
    • Nutrition
  • Healthy Heart Evaluation
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Exercise Recovery
    • Cardiovascular Risk Marker
  • Hormone Imbalance Evaluation
    • Hormone
    • Adrenal Function
    • Thyroid Function
  • Pain Management (Back, Neck)
    • Chiropractic Medicine
  • Spinal Health Management
    • Chiropractic Medicine
    • Spinal Decompression
    • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Stress Management
    • Exercise Prescription
  • Thyroid Health 
    • Inflammatory Marker (Hypothyroidism, Thyroiditis)
  • Weight Loss Management
    • Diet Monitoring
    • Body Composition Testing
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Personalized Menu/Recipe Designs
    • Exercise Prescription
    • Detoxification Programs and Cleanses

Our Philosophy

Dr. Tony Ganem developed the BodyPro Wellness Center around the fundamental principle that our bodies are our temples, and that we must take care of them. 

Whereas traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, Dr. Tony focuses on achieving true health. He works with your employees to discover the causes of the maladies that afflict them and strives to improve the function and performance of the body rather than mitigating symptoms.

Our Integrated Team

The BodyPro Wellness Center is staffed to ensure all aspects of your employees’ medical concerns, questions, or issues are covered efficiently, effectively, confidentially, and with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our Location

BodyPro Wellness Center
4695 MacArthur Court
11th Floor, Suite 1133
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(714) 210-2827

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our Corporate Wellness Program, please contact BodyPro Wellness Center at (714) 210-2827 to schedule an appointment.

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