Metabolism and Thyroid

Metabolism and Thyroid

Your thyroid hormones help provide your bodies with more energy which can be used to build quality tissues (skin, muscle, hair, bones) and to efficiently burn body fat. Many of our body’s cells contain thyroid hormone receptors, which means that your thyroid can influence your metabolism in numerous ways. However, the onset of conditions like Hashimoto’s Disease, thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, and other conditions can cause problems. These conditions affect the body’s ability to use fuels to make “body energy”, control temperature, make healthy tissues and lose weight. 

For those with an autoimmune thyroid, it’s important to pay attention to what impacts your condition, including the amount and variety of nutrients you put into your system. At BodyPro Wellness Center, our physicians can help you manage your autoimmune disease through nutritional recommendations. We focus on treatments that are thyroid-friendly and other various treatments to help you manage your thyroid in a healthy way. 

The Hormones That Help Control Your Thyroid

To best understand how we work to treat your immune-related (or autoimmune-related) thyroid issues, it’s important to know what types of hormones, chemicals, infections, and food proteins impact the thyroid and, by extension, the metabolism. There are a collection of hormones that collectively work by way of the thyroid which can be affected by diseases like Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism. These hormones include: 

  • T3 Hormone: T3, also known as triiodothyronine, helps support brain function, digestion, and heart function. It also assists in managing the metabolic rate and is  actively used by the body to create balance throughout the system. It also assists the metabolism in energy production. This marker should be teste as Total T3 and Free T3 in the blood to fully understand your levels of this active thyroid hormone.
  • T4 Hormone: T4 is the primary hormone that circulates throughout the blood but is converted to the T3 hormone to perform its biological effects. However, it can enter the tissue more easily. Organs such as your gut, your liver and your muscles assist in converting the inactive T4 hormone to the more active T3.
  • Reverse T3: This is a form of T3 which is used by the body to slow down the metabolism in times of energy deficit.
  • TSH: Thyroid-stimulating hormones, abbreviated as TSH, is a hormone that helps control the production of T4 and T3 hormones. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland, a gland connected at the base of the brain, whose hormones travel through the bloodstream and influence the thyroid gland to produce T4 and T3  hormones. 

In people with an autoimmune-related thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s Disease, some might need medications such as levothyroxine or Synthroid to manage the amount of thyroid hormone produced. Conditions like Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroid cause an underactive thyroid. Some can experience huge impacts on their quality of life and wellbeing as it affects all aspects of energy production, tissue production and fuel burning.

How BodyPro Wellness Center Can Help 

At BodyPro Wellness Center, our doctors can work with you by performing a thorough assessment of your thyroid hormone circuitry to determine the direct causes and effects of your condition.  Quite often, secondary tests such as food reactivity panels, chemical reactivity testing panels and infection panels might need to be conducted to look for a trigger. From there, we will recommend the best courses of treatment to maximize your thyroid function. This may include nutritional guidance,botanicals, lifestyle changes, detoxing and other treatments to help you manage your autoimmune thyroid. We emphasize the role of B vitamins, recommend foods for energy, and may direct you to a thyroid specialist for further treatment. By doing so, we will work to address problems like fatigue, low energy, and a poor working metabolism to give you the best outlook for a better quality of life. For more information about what we can provide you with alternative thyroid testing, please schedule an appointment with our practice today.