Anti-Aging Solutions

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While getting older is an entirely natural and inevitable process, that doesn’t mean that you can’t slow down the effect of aging. Our bodies show the ravages of time in response to normal wear and tear. As we age, due to the variable of more time, we become more susceptible to more injury and illness, which in turn can influence our long-term health. For a significant number of individuals, our health begins to decline as early as 40 years of age. Dr. Tony Ganem,DC and the team at BodyPro Wellness Center provide anti-aging treatment options that keep you healthier longer.

How Anti-Aging Medicine Can Help

There are two approaches to anti-aging that, when combined, can have a significant impact on your lasting health. Anti-aging medicine focuses on combining preventative care and treatments with science-based therapies. The process targets the underlying causes of aging and is most effective when treatment begins as soon as possible.  

Anti-aging therapy focuses on improving the quality of life by pushing back the start of age-related illnesses. The therapeutic approach is multi-faceted, combining treatments such as prolotherapy, stem cells, prp, regenerative treatments, and medical weight loss to slow the onset of age-related illnesses. Together, they create a comprehensive wellness program that can yield real results. Other important factors in battling the aging process include:

  • Antioxidants  – These have a significant role to play in the aging process- so much so that antioxidants and anti-aging are frequently being mentioned in the same sentence. There are numerous sources for these antioxidants, from making the right dietary choices to taking supplements. These substances help to prevent damage to the body from oxidation by fighting highly-reactive chemicals known as free radicals. These free radicals are known to cause damage to the cells and DNA, contributing significantly to the aging process.
  • Stem Cell Therapy – Regenerative therapy treatments are available in the form of stem cell therapy.  This process is known as regenerative medicine and uses these protocells to stimulate the repair response in cells that are injured, dysfunctional, or diseased. This process also shows great promise in changing the paradigm in organ replacement, with the new focus being on organ renewal.
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – These fatty acids are essential in aiding the process by which aging cells are flushed and replaced with new, vibrant cells. This is an important part of ensuring that our bodies stay youthful and healthy as room is made for these new and healthy cells.
  • Healthy Immune System – Another part of this renewal process is a healthy immune system. Our immune system works hard to remove and replace old cells, helping to rejuvenate our tissues and letting them thrive.

Seek Anti-Aging Care At BodyPro Wellness Center

If you’re interested in pushing back the aging process, reach out to BodyPro Wellness Center in Newport Beach, CA! We’ll schedule you for a consultation to identify your areas of concern and help you determine how best to protect yourself from age-related diseases. It’s never too early to protect your health. Call now!