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What’s the Quality of Your Drinking Water?

Water from jug pouring into glass

Most of us know that drinking water is an essential aspect of health and healing, but few know about the quality of the water they drink.  Since drinking water is a vital part of living a healthy life, you should know more about the water you are consuming.

What’s in your bottle?  Here is a review of some common water sources to help you make better choices about the water you drink.


Tap water typically comes to us from municipal reservoirs. This water type is readily available and for the most part seems to hydrate the body well. A disadvantage of this water source is that harmful chemicals, medication residues, fluoride, metals, and toxins can be found in this water. 


Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water are sometimes referred to as the “hungry” water, due to chelation that can occur when you drink it. Chelation occurs when you drink water types that lack minerals. As soon as this water source enters your body, it begins to grab and hold onto other minerals leaving you dehydrated. Because these water types are devoid of nutrients and minerals, they should be avoided. 


Alkaline water sources add alkalinizing agents to water in order to move the blood away from a slightly acidic pH towards a slightly alkaline pH. Instead of spending thousands on a fancy home filtration system, I recommend you eat lots of vegetables, which will provide your body with a natural shift in your pH. Alkaline water machines have a stimulatory type effect that does not achieve the same results as proper dieting and healthy living. 


Pure mountain spring water can’t be beaten. It’s packed with nutrients and minerals that help the body in so many ways. This water source is clean and healthy and has many invigorating properties due to its natural state.

When you go to the fridge and grab your next glass or bottle of water, remember that the type of water you consume will have an impact on your health. Do your due diligence and research the type of water you are consuming.

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